Ivoclar PM7

Digital Dental Arts Lab has added Ivoclar PrograMill PM7’s to its technology tool belt. The PM7 is an ideal performance mill that has wet and dry processing capability. The precision 5-axis harmonic drive allows for the processing of a wide range of materials and indications, with vastly improved accuracy over previous generations of mills.

The PrograMill PM7 has a fully automatic material management system that allows our lab to mill several different materials in a series without disengaging the operations of the mill. The ability to load multiple types of material blocks into the mill will allow Digital Dental Arts Lab to decrease turnaround time while increasing overall quality.

Some of the materials we will be using include but are not limited to:

> e.max

e.max restorations that are milled crowns that, thanks to the PM7’s accuracy, will compete with pressed restorations in terms of fit and accuracy while passing on production savings to our clients.

> Ivoclar Digital Dentures

Digital Dental Arts Lab will be able to  provide milled dentures via Ivoclar’s Digital Denture process. We will be able to deliver THE most accurate fitting and durable denture ever produced, with the potential to save you chair time and appointments.